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Tavern, saloon, pub, speakeasy, blind pig, all are names for ‘bars’ in the past. In fact, the word ‘bar’ goes back to as early as 1591. Says Christine Sismondo, America Walks into a Bar, “Bars have always been where people share news and discuss it. And there’s an unwritten code in most neighborhood bars that people are supposed to check their degrees at the door. You can find a lawyer, university professor, taxi driver and dishwasher all talking about politics, and nobody’s supposed to pull rank. There was also dodgy entertainment. Freak shows traveled through in the 18th century, with animals preserved in formaldehyde, and later they’d have sports like wrestling or watching terriers kill rats.”


Today bar promotions are not as crazy as the 18th century, but they remain an effective marketing tool for savvy bar owners. Bars want you in their booths, at their tables and on their stools. They want to earn your business. They want you to come back. They want to entertain you! Thriggle covers music bars, karaoke bars, gay bars, sports bars, strip bars, biker bars, wine bars, dive bars, and more. We gather their promotions, separate them by category, and let you comment and decide the best to the boring. Thriggle Houston, TX alone has over 400 daily promotions from happy hour to Geeks Who Drink Trivia night. All local. All in one place.


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According to the US Census Bureau close to 5 million people move out of state annually. Looking for a bar in a new city with fans that fanatically support your former home team? What about a bar full of people from your Alma mater cheering as one for your team? In partnership with SB Nation Radio, our United Fans program connects you with groups and bars that support your team. Go team. Go!

Thriggle knows bars. We bring you the latest and greatest from neighborhood “watering holes”. Cheers, bottoms-up, here’s mud in your eye, etc., etc. to you and bars across America!

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